How to get six pack abs at home



6 PACK Tips & Warnings

  • Always start slowly and pay attention to how your body is responding to the exercise.
  • Be patient; changing the shape of your body takes time and consistency.
  • You should never feel back or neck pain with abdominal exercises.
  • Work with a trainer or take a class if you are feeling discomfort in the neck or back.
  • Stop any exercise that causes pain or makes your symptoms worse.


  • Eat five-six small meals a day.

  • Always have Breakfast

  • Up your water intake  

  • Make sure your meals are balanced and you have a portion of good carbs, protein and fat with every meal.

  • Avoid highly processed foods such as Table sugar, white bread, white pasta, white rice, white flour and their products.

  • Avoid trans or hydrogenated and saturated fats  

  • Reduce the amount of dairy consumed especially with you are intolerant to dairy, suffer from bloating or have respiratory and sinus problems.  If dairy is consumed it must be fat-free and eaten in small quantities. 

  • Avoid all alcohol.  Alcohol is extremely high in calories and consumption will interfere with your metabolic processes for approximately 48 hours afterwards. 

  • Avoid high sugar and high fat condiments and sauces like tomato sauce, basting sauces and especially mayonnaise or salad creams. 

  • Be wary of Restaurant food and take-away’s.  Rather prepare your own meals if possible. 

  • Plan your grocery list so that you stock and prepare only the correct foods  that cannot lead to temptation. 

  • Choose one day a week and be more relaxed on your eating plan – Cheat day


We will all get into a situation where we forget our meals at home or aren’t close to a store where we can buy a good healthy meal.The solution is having a small snack handy at all times that will keep you going until you can have a proper meal again.The secret to ensure your snack does not work against your goal of getting into shape is choosing something that will fill you up, but not add too many calories. The best snacks to accomplish this goal are high in protein and fiber. High protein snacks might be something like a small bag of natural nuts, not salted or roasted (almonds are the king of nuts) and high fiber food such as a fruit or some raw veggies (think of celery and carrot sticks or mini corn as good options).Another viable option is to keep a ready to drink protein shake with you. Be sure it is of good quality.

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